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Kristian Carter is a freelance copywriter based in Brighton, UK, specialising in sharp, modern copy for web and print. Call me: +44 (0)7449 824247.

Why Hollywood Studios Are Embracing Cinematic VR

There's a quiet revolution taking place in Hollywood. Some of the major studios, including Lionsgate, Warner Bros and 20th Century have created, or are creating VR studio divisions to see how they can include VR into the filmmaking process to create immersive experiences. Some of the studios are taking really »

7 Innovative Ways to Personalize Your PPC Campaigns

People like personalized content. 74% of online consumers get frustrated with companies when advertising content has nothing to do with their interests. One third of marketers see personalization as the most important capability to the future of marketing. While this is a clear demonstration of the power of personalization, many »

Google Kills Right Side Ads: Here's What You Need To Know.

Since Google AdWords launched in 2000, text ads have been an important part of Google's search engine results pages. Now, with a stroke of a key, Google has killed off text adverts for desktop search results. Although Product Listing Ads, and ads in the Knowledge Panel will still be shown »

6 Content Marketing Predictions for 2016

As 2016 comes up, I’m taking a moment to pause and think about what the coming year has in store. Ad blocking will correct the online advertising market The big story of 2016 will be the rise of ad blocking. Safari Content Blockers is part of this story, but »

The Power Of Ignoring The News

How come we never talk about the fact that the world is getting better? Why do dramatic events and terrorist disasters get reported so much more than stories about scientific progress? What kind of a world would we have if we dared to focus on the meta … and recognized the »