Nationalizing Amazon Would Be Bonkers

There comes a time in every columnist’s life when he ponders a thinkpiece about whether it is time to break up Amazon. Back in 1995, we never had to worry about the question of whether […]

The Real Reason Why Your Product Launch Failed

Recently, I’ve found myself getting approached by a lot of people who have “just finished their product” and are looking for their “first marketing hire.” Very often, these products have fundamental flaws. Sometimes the product […]

What Marketers Can Learn From Technologists “Continuous Delivery” Concept

One of the big advances in the technology world in recent years has been the rise of the Continuous Delivery philosophy. Whereas IT companies used to do big monthly or quarterly “pushes” of code, they […]

What Is Machine Learning? What Are The Applications Of Machine Learning?

What Is Machine Learning? Machine Learning has become increasingly popular, particularly in relation to artificial intelligence and so-called Big Data. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, using algorithms to learn about data. Machine […]

The GDPR and You: What Businesses Need To Know

The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation will be the largest change to European privacy laws in 25 years and will come into force across all EU member states from 25th May 2018. For many companies, […]