Jeff Immelt Is The Wrong Pick For Uber CEO

Reports are circulating this morning that Jeff Immelt, former CEO of General Electric, is poised to become CEO of Uber. If true, this represents a massively retrograde step for Uber, and one that could seal its fate as a business. Immelt is your classic ‘operational’ CEO, focused on optimizing the existing business and sweating existing […]

Net Neutrality was never intended to enable Hate Speech

Today, the morally repugnant Daily Stormer website was forced off the mainstream web onto the ‘dark web’ by the likes of GoDaddy, Google and Scaleway. Every website is propped up by a ‘technology stack’ of web hosting companies, domain name providers, ad networks and payment processors, and Daily Stormer’s network decided unilaterally to take the […]

If it walks, talks and quacks like a Nazi, it’s a Nazi

This photo of Peter Cvjetanovic, a self-described white nationalist who attended a rally of other white nationalists which one protester died at, has gone viral over the weekend. Peter Cvjetanovic has since released a statement telling us it was all a big misunderstanding: “I did not expect the photo to be shared as much as […]

The Left Is Losing The Argument. Here’s How To Fix It.

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks for those who consider themselves ‘left’ or ‘progressive’ (and I’d count myself as both). What the Google diversity memo revealed, more than anything, was that there are many who not only don’t share our priorities but think that the way that we’ve been going about securing them is […]

Google just released a creepy API for censorship

Google just released Perspective, an API for “improving” conversations online, and one I find deeply disturbing. According to the marketing site, “discussing things you care about can be difficult,” and “the threat of abuse and harassment online means that many people stop expressing themselves and give up on seeking different opinions.” If this isn’t sounding […]

Trump Responds To North Korea Rhetoric With Statement That Sounds A Lot Like North Korea Rhetoric

The Trump administration has spent much of the summer trying to work out what to do about North Korea, but now the unthinkable has actually happened and North Korea has apparently developed a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit on a missile, President Trump has resorted to the only language he understands: bombast and bluster. Trump […]

It’s time liberals really stood up for Trans people

In the wake of Donald Trump’s sudden ban on transgender individuals serving in the military, much of the attention has focused on the political backlash against the decision. Much of the liberal media is in consensus that this is a politically driven decision designed to deflect attention from the ongoing Russia investigation and the fallout […]

Trump is a bumbling idiot, but he’s still dangerous.

This has been billed as the week that the Trump Presidency hit a new low. The hiring of Anthony Scaramucci, the ‘leaking’ of Scaramucci’s disclosure form, the disclosure that the disclosure form was actually public record, Scaramucci’s criticism of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus as a “paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac,” and the subsequent […]

Stop Equating Political Opposition with Online Abuse

It’s no secret that online spaces have become rife with abuse and abusive behaviour. Politicians and commentators who frankly have better things to do have to endure the spectre of racist, misogynistic and transphobic abuse through email and social media on a daily basis. The move online hasn’t just made it easier to order a […]