What Artificial Intelligence Means for Marketers

There’s growing excitement – admittedly at times borderline hype – about what artificial intelligence can and will do for businesses. While speculation abounds among pundits, journalists and ‘thought leaders’ surrounding the impact that AI will have on jobs (CBInsights predicts 10m jobs are at risk […]

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Is “Taking A Knee” Protected Speech?

Following the recent trend for NFL players to kneel or sit during the National Anthem, many have been asking whether this speech is protected under the First Amendment. American athletes throughout the years have used their platform to make political statements, and have typically faced […]

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The PR Agency is dead

I have a fondness for PR. PR gave me my first break into the media. It allowed me to meet many amazing people along the way. But PR is dying. The demise of Bell Pottinger encapsulates broadly what has happened with PR for a while: […]

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Do You Need A Daily Routine?

Sometimes my days will start with the best of intentions. I’ll sit myself down at the computer in the morning, make myself a cup of coffee, check my email. A few hours later, after several hours of flicking through Reddit, Twitter and Hacker News (in […]

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How To Win Client Trust Like A Professional

How can agencies earn client trust? How can agencies and contractors become trusted advisers to their clients? It’s often hard for agencies to get close enough to a client’s business objectives to have a meaningful impact, so agency professionals end up creating ‘throwaway’ work that […]

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How To Make Your Product Stand Out

Marketing, more often than not, is about the quality of the stories we tell. Just as it’s hard to make someone understand something if their livelihood depends on them not understanding it, telling someone a story they want and need to hear is the quickest […]

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The Art Of Pitching Your Product

Let’s talk about how to make presentations at FinTech events suck less. Listen closely, and I’ll explain. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending an entrepreneur meetup in the FinTech space. More and more of these events are popping up in London now, and it’s […]

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