Piers Morgan Can Go Suck A Lemon

Piers Morgan Can Go Suck A Lemon

I shouldn’t be here writing a blog on the odious speck of faecal matter and “between jobs” talkshow host Piers Morgan, I really shouldn’t. I have much better things that I should be doing with my time. But Morgan’s post in the Daily Mail this morning runs so counter to every tradition in political life over the last 2,500 years, it’s impossible to ignore.

You see, columnists (and I use the word very loosely) like Morgan have the luxury of dropping a few rhetorical bombs, collecting their fee and moving on. They will never look into the eyes of the race hatred, the misogyny, the violence that the Trump’s campaign stirred up. It doesn’t matter to them that Trump lied continuously, without compunction, and without concern for the consequences.

Trump lied to America. Trump lied to America.

That’s not something you can merely skate over. You can’t just say “oh well, it was in the service of Making America Great Again so it doesn’t really count as a lie so it’s all okay again” or some other piece of nonsense. Trump lied. And now there are people who are expecting Trump to carry through on his lies. Like the lie about wanting to deport three million immigrants. Or the lie about wanting to build a border wall with Mexico. Or the lie about wanting to stop all immigration because Muslims are a danger to national security. Or the one about wanting to leave NATO.

And yet Morgan thinks, in this moment of mortal danger for America, that the problem is Millennials. Well, isn’t it always. The sole evidence for according to an overgrown mammaries like Morgan hinges on a few protests (you know, despite Trump saying that he wouldn’t necessarily accept the result of the election if he lost), and a photo of some upset-looking Hillary supporters on election night. Well yeah, it’s election night. There’s only two times when you see grown men crying on TV: when their football team has been relegated, or on election night. For the women in there, they’d just seen their hopes of a female President dashed for a Tangoed plutocrat buffoon. So yeah, they’ve got a right to be pissed.

Incidentally, while we’re on the tired stereotype of lazy, entitled Millennials, what does Piers Morgan suppose that the Millennials in the room, or the ones who have turned out to protest Trump, have spent the last eighteen months doing. Oh yeah, they’ve been out doorstepping and phone banking for Hillary. Admittedly, they haven’t done anything _truly _heroic, like lurching from chat show sofa to chat show sofa, churning out crocodile tears for Susan Boyle or knocking out incendiary columns for the Daily Mail, but we can’t all be as brilliant as you Piers, can we?

The only reason why civil society has survived in America is because people have been willing to dissent. Dissent doesn’t always come easy or free, especially when you have odious farts like Morgan willing to piss all over the political discourse. Political dissent is one of the oldest and best traditions in America. It’s the reason why the next President of the United States will start their campaign trying to convince a farmer in a field in Iowa why they should ascend to the highest office in the land.

We can’t go back in time and un-elect Trump. Of course we can’t do that. And yes, America will have to live with the consequences of what it’s done: the rampant cronyism, rising race hate attacks, and a President whose abiding credo is do as I say, not as I do. In time, Americans will learn what the post-Communist Eastern bloc has, that having a charismatic strongman in charge isn’t all that fun. They might even learn that when “post-truth” collides with political reality, it isn’t pretty. And there will be a reckoning when Trump decides to row back on decades of race reconciliation to leave things in the hands of the states (which obviously went so well last time).

But what I won’t allow is for degenerate, puffed-up hacks like Piers Morgan to dictate the political discourse. People have a right to political protest. People can do it on Twitter if they so choose. And as Trump’s idol Cicero would agree, there’s more to politics than winning at all costs.

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