Hey, I’m Kristian Carter. I’m a passionate LGBT advocate and marketer, living in Manchester, England, and growing my own content consultancy, and continuing to learn as I go. Here’s a little about me and what you can expect from this blog.

I’ve been a marketer since the beginning of my career, starting work for MTV in London. Right before starting working with MTV, I came out as a gay man in 2009, and it was a major turning point in my life. I found such love and acceptance from the LGBT community, and it was the first time in my life where I really felt part of something.

In my marketing career, I’ve worked extensively on projects relating to SEO, social media and email marketing. During my time working with MTV, I began writing for MTV Sticky, as well as Forbes, Mashable and other publications that cover social and online marketing.

Writing and being a journalist has helped me increase my visibility and draw attention to things that I care about. It also got the attention of the leadership at Global Radio, also known for Capital FM and Heart FM. This kind of content marketing for my personal brand has continued to pay off, and I was eventually hired by Global to help run social media for some of their big events like Summertime Ball and Jingle Bell Ball.

Working with Global Radio was the most incredible opportunity, and I continued to get speaking gigs at places like LikeMinds, New Media Age and Media140, while continuing to add to the publications I write for such as Huffington Post.

I quickly outgrew the role at Global and decided to leave to set up my own consultancy. I didn’t know much about starting my own business at the time, but I started taking on freelance writing gigs and built a nice solid client base.

Since 2014, I’ve been running Carter Media, a consultancy, offering content creation services as well as content marketing and social media consulting, while continuing to write and speak about marketing on a regular basis. I’ve been lucky enough to work with clients such as the UK Government, Change.org and Microsoft XBox. Now, with two members on my team, I’m excited to continue to grow my business.

I think what stands out about my business is that I don’t just take on any client, but work with businesses where I think I can really move the needle based on their marketing goals. In addition, I work with teams that are interested in making us a partner in their success.

I want to write these posts to help bring visibility, analysis and discussion to the LGBT community, as well as address some of the challenges that we all can face and learn from.

I plan to weave in my own life experience as a gay business owner to help others navigate the business world, based on the support and criticism I have received over the years.

Your suggestions for leaders and stories worth covering in the column are always welcome, reach me @thatkriscarter on Twitter.



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