It’s time liberals really stood up for Trans people

In the wake of Donald Trump’s sudden ban on transgender individuals serving in the military, much of the attention has focused on the political backlash against the decision. Much of the liberal media is in consensus that this is a politically driven decision designed to deflect attention from the ongoing Russia investigation and the fallout […]

We still need to make it easier for LGBTQ people to access Mental Health support

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that LGBTQ people are at higher risk of mental health issues. 44% of young LGBT people have considered suicide, and 52% of young LGBT people report self-harm either now or in the past. 42% of young people have sought help for medical anxiety or depression. Young LGBTQ […]

Farron’s Faith Conundrum Says More About Him Than Progressive Politics

Tim Farron shocked the political world, or the handful of people who follow Lib Dem politics, yesterday, with the announcement that he could not “live as a committed Christian” whilst being Leader of the Liberal Democrats. For the many of us that see politicians are petty, venal liars, this outbreak of putting principles before power […]

Straight people can never really understand the role of the gay bar in the LGBT community

I remember the first time I went to an LGBT bar. It was, of all places, Missing in Birmingham. For me, any many in my community, the attack on the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse where a lone gunman stormed in and killed 50 people has had an almost visceral impact. Calling what happened in Orlando […]