Jeff Immelt Is The Wrong Pick For Uber CEO

Reports are circulating this morning that Jeff Immelt, former CEO of General Electric, is poised to become CEO of Uber. If true, this represents a massively retrograde step for Uber, and one that could seal its fate as a business. Immelt is your classic ‘operational’ CEO, focused on optimizing the existing business and sweating existing […]

Net Neutrality was never intended to enable Hate Speech

Today, the morally repugnant Daily Stormer website was forced off the mainstream web onto the ‘dark web’ by the likes of GoDaddy, Google and Scaleway. Every website is propped up by a ‘technology stack’ of web hosting companies, domain name providers, ad networks and payment processors, and Daily Stormer’s network decided unilaterally to take the […]

How Apple Made 3D Touch So Insanely Great

I’m often more surprised by the technical details of new Apple hardware features than the features themselves. The technology behind 3D Touch is absolutely mindblowing. 3D Touch works by measuring the distance between the new iPhone’s backlight and its screen. A huge part of the draw for Apple products is the attention to detail that […]