Trump just appointed an Ambassador For Religious Freedom

Donald Trump has just announced that he has appointed Sam Brownback as ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom. “Religious Freedom is the first freedom,” the governor said on Twitter Wednesday evening. “The choice of what you do with your own soul. I am honored to serve such an important cause.” Choice, when used by the religious […]

A bluffer’s guide to the Obamacare repeal bill

The fate of America’s healthcare system is hanging in the balance at the moment, as various proposals for reforming healthcare pass through the Senate. I’ve spoken to a lot of people since Monday who’ve asked me “So what was it that John McCain voted for? Did that pass? Does that mean that Obamacare is being […]

We still need to make it easier for LGBTQ people to access Mental Health support

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that LGBTQ people are at higher risk of mental health issues. 44% of young LGBT people have considered suicide, and 52% of young LGBT people report self-harm either now or in the past. 42% of young people have sought help for medical anxiety or depression. Young LGBTQ […]

Farron’s Faith Conundrum Says More About Him Than Progressive Politics

Tim Farron shocked the political world, or the handful of people who follow Lib Dem politics, yesterday, with the announcement that he could not “live as a committed Christian” whilst being Leader of the Liberal Democrats. For the many of us that see politicians are petty, venal liars, this outbreak of putting principles before power […]

Why Trump is the death knell for American exceptionalism

In 1835, when Andrew Jackson was in the White House, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote an essay called “Democracy in America” which has come to define how American people see themselves. It was an analysis of why republican representative democracy has succeeded in the United States while failing elsewhere. Tocqueville, sent by the French government to […]

Sanders: I’ll Be Trump’s Worst Nightmare If He Goes After Minorities

Yas Bernie! Senator Bernie Sanders promised on Thursday that he would be Trump’s “worst nightmare” if he targeted minority groups. “If Donald Trump takes people’s anger and turns it against Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans and women, we will be his worst nightmare,” the Vermont senator tweeted. If Donald Trump takes people's anger and turns it […]

The Best Political Journalism Of Election 2016

The U.S. Election has been bizarre from start-to-finish. Last Wednesday, Trump spent much of the day at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for his new hotel. Hillary Clinton, one of the most loathed election candidates in history, goes into election night with a near 80% change of winning. One of the most polarising electoral campaigns in history, […]

Trump Already Stuffing His Team With Washington Insiders

Donald Trump may have a problem with “professional protesters” but he appears to have no such qualms about professional politicians. Barely 24 hours into Trump’s term as President-elect, Trump’s team is already stuffed with Washington political insiders. Trump came to power on a promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, proposing congressional term limits and […]