How To Turn Off Every Annoying Notification, Fake News Site, Advert and Political Post In Google Chrome

Lately, news websites and blogs have got very ‘creative’ about how they get our attention. Browsing the web means having to put up with endless pop-up email newsletter subscribe forms, requests to enable notifications, and autoplaying videos. I hate these things with a passion. In this post, I’m going to show how to turn these […]

Is “Taking A Knee” Protected Speech?

Following the recent trend for NFL players to kneel or sit during the National Anthem, many have been asking whether this speech is protected under the First Amendment. American athletes throughout the years have used their platform to make political statements, and have typically faced brutal censure for doing so. At the 1968 Olympics in […]

The PR Agency is dead

I have a fondness for PR. PR gave me my first break into the media. It allowed me to meet many amazing people along the way. But PR is dying. The demise of Bell Pottinger encapsulates broadly what has happened with PR for a while:  that the era of “getting the word out” either via […]